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NYC Local Law 97 is coming fast!

Local Law 97 is part of the Climate Mobilization Act, passed in April 2019. The law applies to buildings over 25,000 gross square feet and must reduce carbon emissions to comply.

This initiative kicks off in 2024 and targets large and medium-sized NYC buildings, which account for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

Exemptions includes:

  • An industrial facility primarily used for the generation of electric power or steam.

  • Real property, not more than three stories, consisting of a series of attached, detached or semi-detached dwellings, for which ownership and the responsibility for maintenance of the HVAC systems and hot water heating systems is held by each individual dwelling unit owner, and with no HVAC system or hot water heating system in the series serving more than 25,000 gross square feet, as certified by a registered design professional to the department.

  • A city building.

  • A housing development or building on land owned by the New York city housing authority.

  • A rent regulated accommodation.

  • A building whose main use or dominant occupancy is classified as occupancy group A-3 religious house of worship.

  • Real property owned by a housing development fund company organized pursuant to the business corporation law and article eleven of the private housing finance law.

  • A building that participates in a project-based federal housing program.

However there is an exception to the rent-regulated exemption.

According to the website, “Buildings that include affordable and rent-regulated housing are NOT exempt from the requirements of Local Law 97 but may be treated differently. For more details, please see the section on Affordable Housing on the Sustainable Buildings webpage.

You must act and implement an energy management plan by 2023 to avoid increasing fines. An energy management system, like our emc20/20, will help reduce the carbon footprint of your building by making it more energy efficient.

Call us today at 844-EMC-2020 for a free quote and demo.

Ask us about the ConEdison Rebate program as well.



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